SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT: An Important Letter About the Misinformation Campaign Against Ardy

An Important Letter About the Misinformation Campaign Against Ardy

Nayiri-Nahabedian-Letter.jpgDear Neighbor:

With the election around the corner, you have probably been getting a lot of political advertisements in your mailbox. You may have noticed that some of these mailers attack the reputation of a good friend of mine: State Assembly candidate, Ardy Kassakhian.

The mailers misrepresent Ardy’s record, stating that he failed to do a good job as Glendale’s City Clerk and that he tried to keep a female school board member off the ballot. This claim cannot be further from the truth: I am the school board member the mailers keep referring to, and I want you to know that I wholeheartedly support Ardy’s candidacy. Ardy is a man of integrity who has served our community well, and I am confident that he is the best candidate in the race.

As the son of a local public school teacher, Ardy understands how to help our schools and enhance our communities. That is why he has the broad support of women leaders, including:

  • Lorena Gonzalez, the highest ranking woman in the State Assembly
  • Jackie Goldberg, public education advocate and former Assemblymember
  • Nury Martinez, the only woman on the L.A. City Council
  • Andra Hoffman, L.A. Community College Board Trustee
  • Anita Quiñonez Gabrielian, Glendale Community College Board President
  • Dr. Armine Hacopian, Glendale Community College Board Vice President
  • Ann H. Ransford, Glendale Community College Board Member
  • Dr. Armina Gharpetian, Glendale Board of Education President
  • Christine Walters, Glendale Board of Education Member
  • Sandy Russell, former Glendale Board of Education Member
  • Dr. Roberta Reynolds, Burbank Board of Education Member

I ask that you reject the misinformation being spread by special interests trying to buy this election, and invite you to stand with us on June 7 in supporting the most qualified candidate for State Assembly: Ardy Kassakhian.


Nayiri Nahabedian
Vice President
Board of Education
Glendale Unified School District