We're Ready to Finish This Fight

A Message from Ardy Kassakhian

Ardy-for-Assembly-June-7-Primary-Election.jpgDear Friends,

The people of our district want someone who will fight for them and stand up to the special interests. After Sacramento special interests spent more than $1.5 million to defeat me, I’m still standing – and I’m ready to fight for the people.

I’m looking forward to a spirited runoff campaign focused on the issues and our visions for the future. As a member of the Assembly, I won’t be working for Bay Area billionaires or Sacramento special interests. I’ll be working for my neighbors, in the district where I grew up and where we’re raising a family.

I’ll work to create jobs, keep our neighborhoods safe, and strengthen our public schools so every kid has a shot at the American Dream.

Thank you to my incredible supporters, who were pounding the pavement and working the phones every day to make this victory possible. Our volunteers are fired up and ready to go for the 154 days until the November election.